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Refrigerator Airworthiness updates

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Just an advisory update on refrigerator airworthiness notices.

Smaller domestic refrigerator compliance remains the same, with a reminder that flying a beer fridge at a height of less than 500 feet over densely populated areas is still forbidden under CAA directions.

Experimental fridges, in a particular those with a canard layout, now need an inspection report signed off by two qualified Aeronautical Refrigerator Engineers.

For commercial flight, an advisory is still in place on the Boing DreamFridge as the ice cube tray still gets stuck, and the little light inside has failed to go out on more than one occasion, leading to emergency landings near a white goods repair shop.

not_morrison_rm, Jan 20 2014

I blame him for the idea... _22There_27s_20a_20..._20wide_2e_2e_2e_22
[not_morrison_rm, Jan 20 2014]

Earlier flight test https://www.youtube...outube_gdata_player
[Ling, Jan 20 2014]

Jones frig flight http://mauricem.dev...fographic-295818883
airborne? [popbottle, Jan 25 2014]


       It's my understanding that fridges under 48lb dry weight can be flown outside of controlled airspace without any certification, as long as no money is received for the transportation of passengers or cargo.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 24 2014

       Thank you. I've been meaning to look into subscribing to these. Any word on mandatory de- icing?
the porpoise, Jan 24 2014

       "Your round, I think?"   

       "Still stacked over Gatwick, I'm afraid, 'til the fog clears."
pertinax, Jan 25 2014

       //fridges under 48lb dry weight can be flown outside of controlled airspace without any certification,   

       That is true but many forget to defrost before flight, as that bumps up the overall weight. Not to mention failing to ensure the emergency exit slide is working, so the sliced cheese can exit quickly in the case of a forced landing.   

       Penny-pinching is also to be avoided 'not to be using the light inside the fridge covered with sweetie wrappers for the hazard light' is quite clearly stated, see page 327, paragraph 14.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 25 2014

       PS is there some kind of time dilation going on here, this was posted on the 20th and on the 24th annos appeared.   

       Perhaps the electrons got a bit tired out and had a bit of a lie down en route?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 25 2014

       I forgot to mention (although it's self-evident, I think) that uncertified fridges can only be flown using VFR; and also that a twin-compressor rating is required for fridge-freezers that use two independent cooling circuits.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2014

       No, [not], the original idea was grounded for four days, due to bad weather.
UnaBubba, Jan 25 2014

       I was going to mention Hazard Notice 7651 about icing on the rear pipes of the fridge mid-air.   

       Surely only a fool would try to apply pink icing in mid-flight, even with one of them syringy or pipey things.   

       I mean, even nipping out of the fridge cockpit to do a quick dusting of hundreds and thousands could end in death for the unwary.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 25 2014

       Toasters, are of course, naturally aerodynamic. But the only flying refrigerator I've seen thus far was the low point in a movie that never should've been made.
RayfordSteele, Jan 27 2014

       Toasters...European or African?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 27 2014


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