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Refrigerator Magnets

Undershelf magnetic strips to hold condiments
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A strong magnetic strip on each side of the underside of refrigerator shelves to hold condiments with metal lids.

This way you don't end up with an entire shelf of duplicate condiments. I just looked in my fridge & saw 3 jars of olives, 4 jars of salsa, & I'm not sure how many other duplicates there were.

It also allows you to still store stuff under the hanging condiments.

I was thinking about baking this by superglue-ing a magnetic knife rack to the underside of the shelf, but upon testing, I realized that a magnetic knife rack is not strong enough.

I dedicate this Idea to [Ling] (only if it should be received as a good idea). I had to do an estimate on her Refrigerator idea as to how long it would take me to read up on things to understand what he was talking about. My estimate came in in excess of the time I had available. It's been a while since something like that has happened to me.

Zimmy, Sep 02 2006


       Excellent idea. Perhaps the fridge could come with a few ferrous clips so you can attach some plastic-capped "legacy condiments" to the magnetic bar as well.
wiml, Sep 02 2006

       [wiml], Exactly! I was thinking about the plastic capped bottles for quite a while.
It wouldn't be that hard to make a sliding clip to hold them, I think. (I'll confess, I was all that while thinking of how to stick & unstick a magnet or metal surface to them).
Zimmy, Sep 02 2006

       Psst: I'm a he. Thanks for the dedication, anyway.
Ling, Sep 02 2006

       Thanks, UB :). +
dbmag9, Sep 02 2006

       Sorry [Ling]. It occured to me sometime yesterday that I might have assumed the wrong pronoun.
Zimmy, Sep 03 2006


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