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Refrigerator Drawers

Pull open fridge drawers one at a time
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Make a fridge that opens drawer by drawer, not with one big door: you usually know what's in each drawer because you habitually put all X in drawer Y, etc., and so you would open just one drawer and the rest would remain sealed and cold. When you pull open a drawer, the back of the drawer would seal the opening normally sealed by the front of the drawer. And you would be able to empty and clean the drawers one at a time without the rest of the fridge warming up.
horripilation, Nov 02 2002

One Drawer http://www.vikingra...6wbotmount1_ds.html
Baked for just a single drawer---the freezer compartment [krelnik, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

2 Drawer Undercounter Refrigerator http://shop.toohome...s/product_12708.asp
02 Nov 02 | Not particulary inexpensive, but definitely a drawer-based fridge. [bristolz, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Sub-Zero 700 Drawer Refrigerator http://www.subzero....ts.asp?section=s700
02 Nov 02 | A little more mainstream than the commercial version above, but probably a heck of a lot more expensive. [bristolz, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       (((shivers))) reminds me of the morgue (((shivers)))
po, Nov 02 2002

       > How would the cold air circulate through this?   

       The drawers could be metal cages on the tops and sides, so cold air would circulate freely around drawer contents while the drawers are closed. The back of each drawer would be solid so it would form a seal when the drawer is pulled open.   

       Have maybe four or five horizontal drawers for food and one or two tall vertical drawers on the side for things you usually throw in the door of a conventional fridge.
horripilation, Nov 04 2002

       the problem with a cage-type of drawer is that when you pull it out, all the cold air in the drawer can leak out. We need reasonably solid drawer-walls to prevent that.   

       Easily done. Imagine a kind of double-walled drawer. The outer wall fits nicely but not too tightly around the inner wall. Both walls have lots and lots of holes in them, but the holes don't line up when the drawer is pulled out. When the drawer is pushed in, the last couple of centimeters is associated with a simple gadget that lifts the outer wall just enough to let the holes line up. Now air can circulate through the drawer when it is closed, but not when it is open. And of course when the drawer is open, its back wall acts as was described in the previous annotation.
Vernon, May 25 2010

       Why did this idea have no croissants?
mouseposture, May 25 2010

       A lot of ideas lost all their votes in the Great Hard Drive Crash.
Vernon, May 26 2010


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