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Freezer Lift

Spring assisted lift for Chest Freezers
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Chest Freezers are more energy efficient than standing freezers. This is due to all the cold air "falling out" the door, every time a standing refridgerator door is opened. However, chest freezers are hard on the back, and hard to organise. Senatorjam investements announces the production of the new "Freezers Lifts". These two feet by two feet square units, each with three shelves, 10 inches apart, fit neatly into your chest freezer. (do not store bottles on top shelf.) With just the slightest effort, they raise from the depths of your freezer, bringing your goods to a level where you can access them without bending. Spring assisted, each lift can support up to 100 pounds. Save energy and your back, get a Chest Freezer and a Freezer lift today.
senatorjam, Mar 16 2009


       Hmm. I'm worried that by lifting the bottom shelf out you will push most of the cold air out of the freezer, negating the advantage. But I'm giving this a bun because the freezer could fit into the otherwise unused space under the worksurface in the corner of a fitted kitchen, which would save me loads of room.
Srimech, Mar 16 2009

       I thought about that too, the shelves are made of mesh, and the lift operates slowly (relatively) to allow the cold air to "fall back" into the freezer
senatorjam, Mar 16 2009

       If it's full of food, doesn't that block the mesh?
Srimech, Mar 16 2009

       Hmmm, not entirely too bad. I had a top load freezer and it was ridiculous getting stuff out of the bottom. The shelves idea is very good, stops you from having to dig and root around.
marquisdenet, Mar 16 2009


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