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Automatically Stylish Clothing

You know---imitating other people shows how cool you are, or something
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You and several thousand other people form a collective, and buy the same clothes together. This guarantees that many people will be seen around town wearing those particular styles. As fashion is based on imitation, you'll be instantly fashionable---not to mention, you'll all get quantity discounts.
Ander, Jul 26 2000


       A plan for the masses but not truely fashionable. Fashion is innovation. If you are one of thousands wearing the same thing, you're not fashionable but a sheep. I say a better plan is to start your own label, design rediculous clothes but most of all act cool about it. Wear it but dont promote it. Soon the mindless TV fed masses will swarm to your clothes and not only will you be a fashionable innovator, you will also be rich. Of course it could all go pear shaped and you could loose all your money, friends and dignity. Still, isnt life all a roll of the dice?
troubleX, Jul 26 2000

       No reason not to combine both ideas. Get together with several thousand friends in a major media market, start wearing the same ridiculous clothes, and, while ostensibly avoiding media contact, go places where you're sure to get noticed. The "Darva Conger" school of avoiding the media, if you will.   

       Eventually, some content-hungry arm of the media will notice. Then, with the irresistable siren lure of (1) "authentic" credibility, and (2) overpriced stupid clothes, you and your friends are in a position to leverage your media exposure into fame and fortune.
Uncle Nutsy, Jul 26 2000

       who are you, stalin? hitler? i will have none of this drab "fashion"!!
lyse, Nov 19 2000

       Who says it has to be drab? Let's make parrot costumes instantly fashionable!
baf, Nov 20 2000

       Well, okay, that's all obvious---so?
Ander, Dec 29 2000

       My strategy to buying clothes is simply to buy things that are fairly neutral in appearance and which look better the more they are washed: khakis, denim shirts, things like that. I wear them till they are threadbare. They don't cost too much to begin with. I don't worry about fashion. Sound like a good pattern?
Vance, Jan 29 2001

       hell, why not make being naked fasionnable? what? they gonna have 5000 people arrested for indecent exposure? didnt think so either
panthaz paradise, Apr 02 2001

       Can't buy style as a stylized persona is not stylish
thumbwax, Apr 02 2001

       somehow, this idea reminds me of those blue outfits that everyone used to wear in china.
-wess, Feb 13 2003

       I really like this - shows that fashion is largely about what other people wear. Of couse it will only take off if you get the right several thousand people. Five thousand parking wardens won't sell your new custard knickers, but five thousand young and beautiful socialites might just do it.
wagster, Oct 31 2004


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