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baby c me

Video display so baby can see mommy or daddy
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Mount a video display in the back of the headrest so baby can see mommy face while mommy is driving. I was about to add one for mommy to see baby, but that might get distracting for the driver, plus there are several mirror devices that do that.
senatorjam, Aug 27 2002

Dos and Don'ts http://www.nhtsa.do...Right2002/index.htm
[dag, Aug 27 2002]


       Since you raised the subject of mirrors, wouldn't positioning the child so that he can see Mommy in the rear view mirror be equally effective at substantially less cost than a video system? (Or did I miss the point because you had intended to specify using rear-facing baby car seats?)
jurist, Aug 27 2002

       I do believe that for small babies, rear-facing is best, safer. senator does mention the baby looking at a screen in the headrest which rather suggests his baby is forward-facing.   

       Mommy, what did you call that other driver?
po, Aug 27 2002

       Actually, My son is now in a Forward facing Seat, which Is why I said seat headrest, but I guess it would be equally adaptable for rear facing baby car seats.
senatorjam, Aug 27 2002

       "loose" babies are a nightmare.
po, Aug 27 2002

       I was half thinking nappies / and half thinking unidentified flying objects in a car accident
po, Aug 27 2002

       Goldfinger. Aston Martin. Ejector seat. Push the button. Do it NOW ....
8th of 7, Aug 28 2002


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