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The market for recumbent bike-wear is untapped.
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As you may have noticed many of the gents riding around on these hip newfangled recumbent bicycles also sport an equivalently hip and rebellious, yet distinguished, level of facial hair. In fact, clean shaven recombonauts are very rare. This is an unrecognized opportunity for the accessory market. The relaxed and hip posture of these hotspoked rides brings the beard into full exposure to the potential for collecting mud, bugs and low flying debris. Anyone who has ever tried to clean a full manly beard in a hurry knows that this is not easily achieved. The solution? The Beardkini! Secured behind the neck and constructed of low tension spandex (in numerous sporting and reflective colors) the Beardkini would come in all the traditional styles and sizes.

For those sporting beard-n-stash we offer a two piece with contrasting top.

For the goatee we offer the sexy Brazilian Vee

For the divided beard or muttons look for a Crotchless to provide breezy comfort.

Utilizing the almost ubiquitous facial hair of recombonauts to create a unique styling accessory recognizes the non-conforming spirit of these consumers.

WcW, Feb 29 2008

"full exposure to the potential for collecting mud, bugs " Bike_20Beauty_20Bugs
A shortcut [normzone, Feb 29 2008]

try this http://www.global-b...prene_Face_Mask.jpg
[xandram, Feb 29 2008]

For the clean shaven recombonaut. http://www.babybike...ard_Biker_Buddy.jpg
[skinflaps, Feb 29 2008]

Beard Bib Beard_20Bib
Goodun [thumb'] [skinflaps, Feb 29 2008]

Target Market Segment http://ebent.files..../rjp_loaded2006.jpg
[WcW, Mar 01 2008]


       Perfect for protecting your Keybeard and Moustash from the elements. I suspect that recombonauts will be early adopters for those ideas too.
WcW, Feb 29 2008

       I visualise, a Hello Kitty beard bib.
skinflaps, Feb 29 2008

       Don't people wear bandanas like this? ie: cowboys, bandits and people who work in dusty places<br. or see link for neoprene mask
xandram, Feb 29 2008

phoenix, Feb 29 2008

       You know, a bib for a beard.
skinflaps, Feb 29 2008

       I was proposing an alternate name, not realizing you'd already done so!   

       How about Chin Thong? Sounds Chinese...
phoenix, Feb 29 2008

       Ah. Thought this was going to be yet another merkin idea.
DrCurry, Feb 29 2008

       The problem is that this will conceal the beard in all its hip and rebellious distinguishment. Instead, why not wax the beard to promote water and mud repellancy?
bungston, Feb 29 2008

       I saw the title and thought, 'man, how long would it take me to grow a beard that long?'   

       Interpret that how you will.
RayfordSteele, Mar 01 2008

       I saw the title and expected worse.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2008

       That's a nice mental picture there. It would cut down your otherwise colossal wind resistance. And you could make it da-glo yellow and put a flashing LED in it - beard as safety device, mmm.
navel-gazer, Mar 03 2008


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