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Bio Degradation

"You don't remember me? I'm not surprised!"
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I happened upon one of the most distressful and saddening realities of life while cleaning the office: A single, pathetic business card among the wiring, fasteners, gumbands, and dust under the desk. Someone needed me, and this is my answer. *sob*

Would it make more sense to produce a degradæble blotter paper that would soak up the scant environment moisture and disintegrate? Then our precious (direct to consumer) advertising would speak assertively of our temporality and significance, "Bio Degradable paper -- expected shelf life at 72°F/72%RH is ~30 days". Alternatively, it would still be knocked off the desk to oblivion.
reensure, Nov 20 2000


       Make coupons out of the stuff and there's no need for expiration dates!
badoingdoing, Nov 21 2000

       Not a great idea for those of us that keep copies of business cards in addition to putting the info into our Palm Pilots. Open up your card file after a few months and all you'll find is a bunch of dust puppies.
BigThor, Nov 25 2000


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