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Blind Wind Chimes

Vertical blinds that double as musical background
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As the lovely summer breeze floats through the window, you smell the lilacs blooming on the side of road outside. They remind you of summers past, when you would run through the neighborhood with all of the other children at all hours, staying out until the street light turned on, after the long day of leisure and play.

Then you remember that you're naked, and quickly close the vertical blinds. They clap against each other as the wind vainly tries to get past.

Then you have a brilliant idea! Instead of the horrible material that vertical blinds are made of now, they should make a few verticals out of resonant metal, such that it will make a pleasant sound when clapping against each other instead of the horrible sound they make now.

jamuraa, Jul 20 2007


       this is very doable. lovely.   

       <wanders off to cut up card into people shapes with tinkly dangly bits>
po, Jul 20 2007

       Lovely. Might have to add a damping system to silence it, but that is not too complicated.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 20 2007

       A plus sign out of practicality, since I'm sure they'd be much appreciated by wind chime fans... But I still haven't figured out why people like listening to chimes instead of more interesting and varied things like birds, rain and wind.
Heathera, Jul 20 2007


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