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Harp blinds

A cheaper replacement for legions of cherubs
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Harp blinds are horizontally sliding blinds, with nylon wire attached by clips at the top, and with a plectrum attached in place near the end to pluck each wire as it moves past it.
The strings are held out from the side of the blinds - the two clips holding the wire can be moved up and down, and the string tightened. When the blinds are opened in the mornings, the beautiful view (or stinking cityscape) can be accompanied by a heavenly chord, or your own rendition of a chosen song.
fridge duck, Jan 08 2006


       You should be able to download songs of your choice - and then be sued by the recording companies. [+]
normzone, Jan 08 2006

       How lovely. When you close them, does the song play backwards?
xandram, Jan 09 2006


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