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Curtain closers

Curtains which automatically close fully.
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I hate waking up staring into the sunlight because my curtains have failed to fully shut. Curtains that would automatically go in place and stay there would be great. And I don't like blinds.
JoshW, Apr 20 2001


       Yeah, wouldn't it be nice if somebody solved all of life's little problems for us?   

       Ahem. Maybe you want some motorized curtains, which are widely available. Push a button and they close all the way.
egnor, Apr 20 2001

       A classmate of mine lived in this house that his dad heavily modified. It had electric blinds. They could be triggered by a timer or with a keypad. Before bed, they would go around the house and close all of the blinds (that are on the outside of the house). Completely dark inside except for the skylights. Very impressive. ;)
gd, Apr 20 2001

       P.S. UnaBubba, you really should have made that squiggle thing your login name.
UB^), Apr 21 2001


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