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RFID Curtains

I want my "smart home" to have the following conversation...
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Living Room Sensor (LRS): CPU, RFID #UND1M1# Detected

CPU: #UND1M1# = Primary Male's Underwear has entered the Living Room.

CPU: LRS, search for RFID #PANTS*M1#

LRS: No RFID meeting that criteria has been detected.

CPU: Warning, Primary Male is not wearing pants.

CPU: Living Room(LR), Execute program "Close_Curtains"

LR: Complying...Curtains Closed

dbsousa, Aug 19 2005


       What happens if you're completely nude?
RayfordSteele, Aug 19 2005

       dbsousa and RayfordSteele, I think together you've just invented the need for RFID piercings ;)
ktorn, Aug 20 2005

       If my smart home was really on the ball, it would shut the curtains if just my toothbrush and nothing else moved into the living room. But if it really knew me, I mean as a person, it would open the curtains wider and flash the lights.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 20 2005

       Service update history:   

       11/06/07 installed service pack 1 to fix cross-dressing bug
Adze, Aug 20 2005


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