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Transparent Windowshades for Exhibitionists

Less work—more show
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Even exhibitionists can goof. What if they forget to leave the windowshades up? With clear windowshades, it's never a problem. And they can say they have shades, too. (Who wants bare windows?)
Ander, Nov 14 2000


       Read of a case of a flasher who was wearing a transparent raincoat, and they had a hard time prosecuting him, as he WAS clothed...I dunno whether it was true or not...
StarChaser, Nov 15 2000

       'Transparent' maybe should be 'UV-opaque' so that you don't get burnt
hippo, Sep 25 2017

       And the award for longest duration between idea and second anno goes to .... The envelope, please ....
normzone, Sep 25 2017


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