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polarised window blinds

Complete privacy from opposite neighbours
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We could purchase light polarised blinds that were assigned a particular orientation of polarisation depending on which side of the street we lived. (So that opposite houses had 90 degrees difference in polarisation). We would then have sunblinds, cutting out half the light, but the neighbours' windows opposite would be totally opaque (appearing black). A neater solution than net curtains.
timogra, Jun 22 2000


       What about nosy pedestrians?
centauri, Jun 22 2000

       For the pedestrians, you just have to require them to wear sunglasses polarised _both_ ways before you let them walk around.
rat, Jun 22 2000

       <grin> Then they'd be tripping over all the disguised fire hydrants...
StarChaser, Jun 23 2000


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