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Body Polish

Great for Halloween!
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A sort of large bottle of nail polish, but body polish instead. You can buy it in different colors or with glitter. Great for fake tans and Halloween. Paint on your own clothes!
verobay, Jul 13 2000

Liquid Latex http://www.bodyartw...e.cgi?product=Latex
Latex bodysuit in a jar; glitter for mixing in. [jutta, Jul 13 2000]

Goldfinger http://www.snopes.c.../films/goldfing.htm
Common fictional side effects include drowsiness, nausea, and death. (The actress who played the dead girl, Shirley Eaton, did indeed survive the filming; people don't *really* die of "skin suffocation", although it was believed possible at the time.) [jutta, Jul 13 2000]


       An actual product called "body polish" has been pushed in my local health food superstore. It was some kind of skin lotion, for health, not adornment.   

       (This is doomed in interesting ways, because it's trying to combine the carb-drink/bar notion of "your body is a machine that's separate from you" with a holistic cosmetics/health market that tends to think the opposite.)   

       I'm not sure many people familliar with real nail polish would want large amounts of a product alluding to it on their skin.   

       ([verobay], I understand it's not *actual* nail polish. That's why I'm writing "alluding to it".)
jutta, Jul 13 2000, last modified Jul 15 2000

       The girl in 'Goldfinger' didn't die, and wasn't even really sick. The gold kept her from sweating, so she got a little overheated, but aside from that was undamaged.
StarChaser, Jul 14 2000

       you do know that liquid gold applied to the skin WILL kill you, right?   

       i think if this 'polish' could be removed by peeling it off like a face mask it just might be kewl.
celizafinn, Oct 16 2000, last modified Nov 10 2000

       Baked. They have LIP polish. It comes in a bottle with a brush like nail polish, but it's really a LIP GLOSS.
Sparki, Aug 06 2001

       totaly not baked. there's a difference between lip and body polish. it would have to have pores so you could sweat though   

       and the glittery (dare i say) and gold look is really cool. especially at night, or when dancing. it's kinda greek god like.   

       or you could just use that glittery hairspray or body spray.
politiquefiction, May 10 2004


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