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Apartment Art Exchange

Enjoy new paintings every month by rotating with other tenants
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Tired of looking at the same posters and paintings every day? Want some new ones but can't decide what would look good on your wall?

Why not join the apartment art exchange!

The apartment art exchange is a voluntary program that building tenants can participate in. Simply choose which paintings/posters you'd like to put on rotation, and fill in a simple form stating dimensions and monetary value.

Then pay a small fee for administration, and every month the program director will send you a list of which paintings you will receive from which tenants, and which ones you must now give up.

You now have new artwork every month! You may quit the program any time (returning all borrowed paintings to their respective owners), or remain in the program for the duration of your lease.

If you move out, you must return all the paintings that belong to others, and you receive all your original paintings back. Any tenant who fails to return a painting is charged the monetary value by the building, and the AAE then reimburses you this value.

phundug, Nov 16 2005


       // Why not join the apartment art exchange// Because it all came from Ikea, and if I want to see it I can go there.   

       (Do you have Ikea in the States?)
moomintroll, Nov 16 2005

       I've got a poster on my wall - its been there for years but I love it...   

       a huge, heavy steam engine that has dropped from whatever scaffolding that should have held it and its poised over the brink.   

       caption "Oh, shit!"
po, Nov 16 2005

       Yeah, we have IKEA here too :(. But if you get a poster you don't like, you don't have to put it up. Just leave it in the store room. Assuming people contribute some spare posters or just don't want them anymore when they move out, there can even be a choice if you wish for a different one.
phundug, Nov 16 2005

       Many art museums will loan out paintings for a small monthly rate to museum members from a special rental collection. Naturally, these paintings are typically not the stars (nor even the supporting cast) from the museum's collection, but they are all high-quality original artwork often by artists on the cusp of greater critical acknowledgement. While these rental programs may not be quite as inexpensive as the lending program described in this idea, and the museum programs do little if anything toward getting to know your most immediate neighbors better, they do promise to allow you to enjoy arguably better quality art from a larger resource. You will still get the enjoyment of frequently rotating the art on your walls, but it is likely to be better quality original art with a more interesting story. And if you really-really like the artwork, a portion of the rent is often applied toward the acquisition price, so that you can really-really own it forever.
jurist, Nov 16 2005

       Lovely idea. It's like a homeless/ omnipresent art gallery. Also, I think you should have the choice to put your poster/painting for sale as well as for rotation. Then, if you get your hands on something you really like to keep, you can ask it the owner is willing to sale. Also, an easy way to get rid of unwanted art when moving out/leaving the country.
Pericles, Nov 18 2005

       The Federal Parliament building here does just that - it's one of the most significant buyers and collections of Australian art.
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 19 2005


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