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Call Center Barbie

Connected Play
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A WiFi or cellular network connected toy, that connects in real time to a human that can both manipulate the toy's behavior as well as speak through the toy's speaker.
theircompetitor, Jul 12 2006


       Shouldn't this be under sex toys?
DrCurry, Jul 12 2006

       Who would be speaking through the speaker? A trained professional or some slightly deranged man from Milwaukee with an amazingly high pitched, feminine voice?
Gallus, Jul 12 2006

       A trained professional, of course -- and yes, DrCurry, that would be one option, of course.
theircompetitor, Jul 12 2006

       Do you have kids? This is a terrible idea. Why not call it Abduction Barbie?
MoreCowbell, Jul 12 2006

       would it argue with you if you intend to send it back for repair and it disagrees?
po, Jul 12 2006

       "Barbie wants you to get Mommy's credit cards and go to the phone and call this number..."
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 12 2006

       Read Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age" - it has one of these, only with more nanotechnology.   

       I was imagining a traditional Barbie, wearing loose fitting clothing and watching daytime TV, due to her job having just recently been outsourced to Mumbai.
zen_tom, Jul 12 2006

       zen, The Illustrated Primer is on my list of projects to get to in my lifetime, and doesn't really require nano, does it? Put it on a laptop or phone and use an MMP engine. If you have the actors, you're ready to go.   

       To all those talking about Aqualang above -- think daycare. And think supervised call center with recorded calls, maybe echos to mommy.
theircompetitor, Jul 12 2006

       No it doesn't require nano - that was just me being facetious - the concept of an actor coming as part of the package was most certainly halfbaked in the Primer though. I think the trickiest part of implementing such a package is having a round-the-clock team of actors available on a minute-by-minute basis.   

       The technology is there (as you state re WiFi etc) but I think the logistics (potentially one actor for every toy sold - during peak periods, and none at all during lulls) make for a very difficult business model.
zen_tom, Jul 12 2006

       If we all had to pay royalties to Stephenson we'd be missing 90% of Internet startups, much less halfbaked ideas :)   

       The Primer is certainly an exciting vision, and has to do as much with his ideas on childhood and family and education as anything else -- this idea is much more humble, looking for some achievable spontanteneity in a wind up doll
theircompetitor, Jul 12 2006


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