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Someday all toys will have one. A Parental Control product.
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An electronic switch between the battery and speaker, powered by the battery. Time, as well as 'on' and 'off' are programmable via IR remote.
All switches are identical, thus able to be programmed by one remote control.

Point the RC at the toy box on Saturday evening, set your desired time and sleep in peacefully on Sunday morning, knowing your 5 year old's 'My First Electric Guitar' or 'Barney Shape Sorter' will not make a sound until 9.00am.

No answer for the plastic flute yet, but at least he'll be able to play a real instrument.

shudderprose, Jun 28 2009

Kid rock http://www.diytrade...uitar_BZH58508.html
Note that there's no option to hear what it actually sounds like. [shudderprose, Jun 29 2009]

Envisaged for this exact porpoise... Two_20wireless_20headphones
[4whom, Jun 29 2009]


       OK, but it won't stop them from coming in and jumping repeatedly on your head until you get it sorted, or just because they're bored. Cultivating the ability to sleep through a tornado works better [+].
nineteenthly, Jun 28 2009

       Actually, that reminds me. Some friends of ours used to live underneath noisy teenagers who used to _start_ partying at three a.m., but the circuit breakers were in their own flat. It was frequently possible to solve the noisy party problem by simply turning off their leccy supply and they never twigged. So it works for adolescents too.
nineteenthly, Jun 28 2009

       A bedside circuit breaker for teenagers - yes, but I'll take repeatedly jumping on head over repeatedly playing [link] though. A tornado has nothing on a synthetic Santana at 7am!
shudderprose, Jun 29 2009

       Isn't this the reason batteries appear to "run out" so much more quickly when you're a child?
zen_tom, Jun 29 2009

       Well, that and the the fact that if you listen closely to any packed toy box or cupboard, you'll hear the slow death of Thomas as his wheels try in vain to push him through Barney's belly who's final drawn out words of advice are backed by the single flat note emanating from the instrument on which he's sitting. All illuminated from below by the head lamp bought a week ago...
shudderprose, Jun 29 2009

       My son used to smash his Thomas Y Tanc into the mantlepiece repeatedly in order to get it to say everything in its memory banks. This made me very proud as i regarded it as a toddler form of hacking.
nineteenthly, Jun 29 2009

       Not a toddler form of prisoner interrogation, then?
pertinax, Jun 29 2009

       In this situation, a well-crafted Thomas gives only name, rank and chassis number.
pertinax, Jun 29 2009

       Toddler-toy manufacturer arms race, maybe? Tougher and tougher toys accompanied by ever more fiendishly cunning toddlers? He did say, when he was about two, "you have two options" to me.
You crack me up, [pertinax].
On the issue of a bag of gradually dying toys, what do you all think about a master off switch remote instead?
nineteenthly, Jun 29 2009

       //what do you all think about a master off switch remote instead?//   

       That's the idea.
Eventually, one Remote to rule them all, one Remote to find them, one Remote to bring them all and in the Silence bind them.
shudderprose, Jun 29 2009

       Careful there [shudder...]! You may be nurturing bad hobbits...
4whom, Jun 29 2009

       This is fascist. What you need is two wireless headphones... a huge improvement. <linky>, well that and shameless elf promotion.
4whom, Jun 29 2009

       You win one from me just for the sheer late-night infomerciality of the name [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 03 2009


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