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Talking Train Track Toy

Various plastic analogs of human mouth positions are built into the track pieces, the engine blows air into them as it passes over so it "talks".
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So you'd have the track pieces labeled with the sound they make and line them up to pronounce various words, even sentences for larger kits.

The engine has an air compressor or a container of pre- compressed air that it blows into the various resonant chamber as it passes over them.

I'm still trying to find the science museum exhibit that featured these mouth shapes you could put an air tube up to so they'd make talking sounds. Sort of hard to explain without showing that.

doctorremulac3, May 19 2022


21 Quest, May 20 2022

       I wonder whether, using blocks which speak phonics, a toddler unable to speak could make the blocks say words by lining them up and pushing a "talk" button.
Voice, May 20 2022


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