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Gale Force Drummer

play drums in the face of a storm
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Gale Force Drummer is a type of outdoor automata that plays a drum kit as the wind blows harder.

Here's how it works:
There are a number of simple wooden figures that carry out actions in response to the wind driving a propellor blade, connected by a simple crank to a moving component. (like a saw of or an axe) (see link)

Gale Force Drummer takes this principle of harvesting wind power, but uses it to drive a much more complex figure that plays a mini drum kit. On a calm day the figure taps out a simple regular beat, but as the wind increases, more gears are engaged in response to sets of secondary propellors being activated.

These cause the figure to make additional arm and body movements striking more drums and cymbals, until a mad full blown drum solo is acheived in the event of a gale force wind.

Kits can be fully customised to include congas and other "ethnic" drums, and the gear box controls adjusted accordingly to play a nice samba during the blowing of a warm wind.

Delux version features a double kit, such as used by Ginger Baker. (the figure looks like him too)

xenzag, Feb 15 2019

Simple figure powered by the wind https://www.instruc...d-Chopper-Windmill/
[xenzag, Feb 15 2019]

The Maestro https://thekidshoul...ooner-exploratorium
[xenzag, Feb 15 2019]

Chanson d'automne https://en.wikipedi...i/Chanson_d'automne
Paul Verlaine [8th of 7, Feb 15 2019]


       How do the secondary props decide when to engage or disengage? Inertia clutches?   

       Add in a walking arrangement like the Straandbeest and you could do a windy day parade.
RayfordSteele, Feb 15 2019

       The engineers say 'yes' to all of the above.
xenzag, Feb 15 2019

       It would be much better if it could play an array of violins, particularly in a summer storm in early June. <link>
8th of 7, Feb 15 2019

       There's nothing to prevent the same principle powering different instruments. I just thought of the wildness of a storm being the perfect driving force for a long crashing drum solo.
xenzag, Feb 15 2019

       A Strandbeest for drums! Excellent! :)
Dub, Feb 15 2019

       Somewhere in the world, there must be someone called Gale Force
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2019

       A quick search reveals a Gail Force, which appears to be a trashy film.
xenzag, Feb 18 2019

       " I don't believe this, it's practically a porno " says Gail Force in the first few seconds of the film. Trashy is perhaps not the most appropriate adjective - it appears to be from the previous century, and may be from the golden age of porn when the fun was all in pretending to take the plot seriously.
normzone, Feb 19 2019

       Actually, it depends what I'd eaten the night before
Dub, Feb 19 2019


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