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sharp chop

a sharp chopstick
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Many people try and fail at using chopsticks, if they were a bit more pointy at the end, people who get frustrated could stab at their food instead of pick it up with the sticks.
yoda-smack, Oct 06 2002

Chopsticks Pics http://www.ichizen....psticks_2001_01.htm
[Amos Kito, Oct 06 2002]


       Hi Yoda! It's worthwhile to get good at using chopsticks. It can take a few minutes, or in my case a couple years. But you'll be able to pick up a single grain of rice, and most anything else on the plate with a little practice. Ask a your waiter at a restaurant that has chopsticks to show you how.   

       I would kinda suggest that people with chopstick difficulties just use a "fork", although another separate stabbing utensil is fine with me. But eons of experimentation has given chopsticks a dull point. So "do as the Romans do", and in this case the Romans are Japanese.
Amos Kito, Oct 06 2002

       stabstick, you mean?
General Washington, Oct 06 2002

       //in this case the Romans are Japanese//
And here I thought that Chopsticks were a chinese invention.
One of the reasons why chopsticks were supposedly developed is so that peasants didn't have sharp or pointed implements. That way they could be less effective in a revolt. This possibly lead to better martial arts too. All surmise mind you.
CrumbsDM, Oct 06 2002

thumbwax, Oct 06 2002

       CrumbsDM, yes, they started in China. I'm told Chinese chopsticks are rounded, Japanese "pointy", [link] but neither look appropriate for stabbing a noodle.
Amos Kito, Oct 06 2002


       And Chinese. And Korean. And Malay. And Indonesian. And Thai. And Mongolian. And Taiwanese. And Laosian. Not to mention some Indians.   

       Anyway, you get the picture.
yamahito, Oct 06 2002

       I believe in Thailand they use a fork and a spoon.
[ sctld ], Oct 06 2002

       yamahito, what about Vietnamese? :)   

       Sorry, I didn't mean to rain on everyone's chopstick. The information I found, referred to Japanese chopsticks in particular, as "pointy". But, of course anyone could sharpen their own. And thus produce the desired stabbing characteristics of this idea.   

       Now, what do you do if someone attacks you with a pointed stick?
Amos Kito, Oct 06 2002

       If you are the most favored, you win by virtue of a better religion that frees you from believing that the pointed stick upon which your opponent has stumbled and impaled himself has now been exorcised of its ability to harm a man, a belief you would have been forced by your peers to test by falling upon it yourself.
reensure, Oct 06 2002


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