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Recursive, geared-down, chopsticks

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A series of many, many, chopsticks each one progressively small. Movement of the fingers is geared down in each successive iteration.

The control mechanism enables the very last grain of rice can be plucked from the dish, and stuff like that.

Alternative uses include annoying Shaolin monks doing the "if you can snatch the pebble from my hand..." routine by snatching one of the electrons from the silicon atom..(that's setting 784992-B if you're wondering).

<in the voice of Bloodnok "I'm in condition tonight" >

not_morrison_rm, Sep 29 2016

Recursive mouse Recursive_20Mouse
Similar concept [csea, Oct 06 2016]


       My question of the matter is, what is the chopstick that snatches the electron made from?
wjt, Sep 29 2016

       Ahh, that's the clever bit...gimme a minute....
not_morrison_rm, Sep 29 2016

       no, you have your own and I can't transfer mine.
wjt, Sep 30 2016

       How do you gear down a stick?   

       [wjt] dunno about electron snatching, but you can get pretty close with the probe on an atomic force microscope.
caspian, Sep 30 2016

       There is a thing called the quantum camera described at new scientist. It uses two quantum linked photons to scan an image and then have the linked photon activate a computer camera. The thing is that there is no optical pathway between the two photons, only a quantum linkage, sort of like   

       (camera)*<-------------| |----------->* (object)   

       so, since you can move one electron with a photon, you just have the quantum camera scan an STM sculpted microabsorber, then have the other photon wiggle slightly, which then slightly wiggles its quantum linked particle prime
beanangel, Sep 30 2016

       // How do you gear down a stick? //   

       Ah, but there's two. Much better. You can gear down their pinching action with a fairly simple pantographic mechanism.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 30 2016

       I'm imaging, at some point, the recursion gets to 'energy' and its like snatching water, with two water jets, inside a volume of water.
wjt, Oct 02 2016

       You need to read a Heinlein short story called "Waldo".
Steamboat, Oct 05 2016

       Maybe the chopsticks could be simulated on a computer screen and operated using these [link].
csea, Oct 06 2016


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