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Chopstick Gloves

Eat asian food in peace
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Chopsticks can be rough... well, just create a pair of gloves with chopsticks coming out of the finger tips.

This has two advantages: The first is that you'll have chopsticks which would be more like natural extensions of your own fingers, and the second is that your hands are protected for those times when you need to scoop it up with your hands.

Clean and easy... you don't get many of THOSE around here.

zigness, Feb 26 2004


       <aside> I did see a glove with a built in ice scraper, for clearing the ice off a car windscreen without getting your hands cold. B&Q sell 'em. It's just has to have been designed by a halfbaker. Brilliant. </aside>   

       [oh zig] I see where you're driving with this idea, but I'm with [unabubba], using the original chopstick is not difficult.
jonthegeologist, Feb 27 2004

       Now a chapstick glove, I would buy...
k_sra, Feb 27 2004

       //Clean and easy... you don't get many of THOSE around here.//   

       Thank God.
lostdog, Feb 27 2004

       Just a little note... this was actually inspired by a cat toy that I saw once which was a glove with really long fingers and sticks in them... the idea was that you could play with your cat and not get scratched... how I got from cats to chopsticks... well... who knows? :)   

       By the way, [UnaBubba], don't think badly of me... I eat sushi about 2 times a week. Me and chopsticks are old buddies.
zigness, Feb 27 2004

       Presumably these are washable or disposable. and the idea of the built in chopsticks is to make them easier to use than regular chopsticks. Would not regular gloves with your normal fingers in them be more dextrous than chopsticks?   

       Your fingers remain clean, the gloves have to be washed anyway, and you get to eat with less work.   

       Not at elegant as edward stickhands though.
swamilad, Feb 28 2004

       I like that... "food gloves" instead of utensils... might make an interesting restaurant theme.   

       (I can't figure out who voted for this one... hmmm)
zigness, Feb 28 2004

       <Does best Hoffman impersonation>
"Eighty two chopsticks. Yeah, eighty two chopsticks."

       <continuing the Hoffman impersonation>   

       Got 'em at Kmart, Got 'em at Kmart...
zigness, Feb 28 2004

       I think [newser]'s idea makes a great trainer. I find it difficult to explain how to hold chopsticks, this would let new users get the feel automagically.
swamilad, Mar 03 2004

       A pair for Freddy, perhaps.
skinflaps, Mar 03 2004


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