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hollow chopsticks

they double as straws
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Like a spork, only instead of spoon+fork it's straw+chopstick. "Stropstick"? "Chopstraw"? Surely it's baked somewhere, but I can't find it.

I guess the notion of dipping your dirty chopstick in your drink is a little disgusting, but it's not so bad if you imagine putting the dirty end in your mouth and the clean end in the drink. (Why?)

If nothing else, you could use it to eat soup with chopsticks; chopstick the solid bits, suck up the liquid bits. It might be good for those wacky drinks with tapioca balls in them, too. Or Orbitz.

egnor, Nov 29 2001

Subsequent Patent http://www.wipo.int...104920&DISPLAY=DESC
Patented in 2005 [csea, Jan 05 2008]

Invalids produced by USA, a USA count. http://www.ted.com/...hp/talks/view/id/82
<promises to climb off high horse> The talk is good, although a bit self-masturbatory. [4whom, Jan 05 2008]


       quite a wide bore and you could suck up all your food like this. sausages might prove more difficult.
po, Nov 29 2001

       I was half way there with that thought, I took the chopstick out of my mouth and dropped a splodge of curry down my dress
po, Nov 29 2001

       How about semi-rigid, hollow chopsticks (with a pin hole at the food end) filled with your favorite oriental sauce? Grab a bit of chicken with the chopsticks, give a little squeeze and put a dab of duck sauce on the bite.   

       I'll leave this for you to post as a separate idea [egnor], since the only way I can figure to use your hollow chopsticks is for an after dinner pea-shooter fight.
phoenix, Nov 29 2001

       So clean your paws.   

       This might work for spaghetti, too.
egnor, Nov 30 2001

       You don't want to eat soup through a straw; it'll be too hot when it arrives in your mouth, much hotter than soup delivered spoon-to-mouth.   

       I could see a use not as both, but as either; for when you simply don't know in advance whether you'll need drink or food utensils. I have used thin straws as chopsticks, in a pinch. (Next: How to make a whisk out of cable ties.)
jutta, Nov 30 2001

       You could put tiny things like kitchen sink garbage disposals at the bottom of the straw-chopsticks, so they can crush down any food till it's small enough to be sucked up.
pottedstu, Nov 30 2001

       A combination chopstick/straw/dremel?
PotatoStew, Nov 30 2001

       Had this idea last night in what I thought was a flash of genius. Super noodle bun [+]. Best way to eat noodles and soup.
theleopard, Jan 04 2008

       This would be great for picking up those last few grains of rice with chopsticks.
phundug, Jan 04 2008

       The ChopStraws should be made from cast iron or aluminium and have cooling fins, so that the burning hot soup dissipates some of its heat by the time it reaches your mouth.
hippo, Jan 04 2008

       //This would be great for picking up those last few grains of rice with chopsticks// And shooting them at your little sister...
4whom, Jan 05 2008

       Seems someone bothered to patent this in 2005 [link]. Could probably be invalidated in the USA.
csea, Jan 05 2008

       Skinny knives work as chopsticks, in a pinch. Sadly, I always end up cutting all the noodles.
Shadow Phoenix, Jan 05 2008


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