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l.e.d. chopsticks

food and fun. can't go wrong?
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Take a hollow set of chopsticks, hot glue a single l.e.d. light into one end with wires long enough to reach the other end.

add a tiny disc battery in a holder to that ther end, possibly with a small snap compartment (so the battery doesn't come loose and get eaten), and be the envy of everyone.

for a bit more fun, make them balanced so they can be twirled through fingers to make cool circles of light before suddenly lunging for the bowl for that moist succulent straw mushroom that you know is your absolute favorite.

nth, Dec 22 2005


       Very nice.
calum, Dec 22 2005

       I ate it! OHhhhhh it burns! It BURNS!   

bungston, Dec 22 2005


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