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Folding Blade Chopstick

For the knife-impaired.
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Sick of attempting to hack a large chunk of food apart with chopsticks, or picking up and entire dim sim and dropping with a splash into the soy?

Chopstick with folding knife blade in handle end -- simply flip it out, do the chopping (true meaning in the word chop-stick) and fold it back out of the way.

Alternatively, mount a fixed razor blade, halberd-style on the end of the handle bit.

tempt, Oct 09 2001


       I think the folding blade would have to be like a scythe, but with the blade on the outside curved edge. This would allow a rocking cutting motion for the novice and not cause users to change their grip.
Aristotle, Oct 09 2001

       Do what [UB] says and if you're good enough, you will progress to my level of cultural understanding. Right now I'm vowing to learn Chinese in order to stop those snooty waiters making fun of me behind my back.
sdm, Oct 09 2001

       UnaBubba, I think tempt has a valid point...the food needs to be 'chopsticks enabled', if the pieces are too big, you can't easily use them.
StarChaser, Oct 12 2001

       <grin> That's what I usually do when faced with chopsticks. I make a game effort to use them correctly <I nearly shot a friend with a cashew once when they slipped...>, then begin stabbing and gnawing...then finally admit defeat and use a fork.
StarChaser, Oct 13 2001

       Croissant. Chalk up another way to disguise a knife for smuggling onto an airplane. I've got a trip coming up, and damn if I'll be disarmed while flying.
Guncrazy, Oct 14 2001

       Film at 11
Guncrazy, take a pair of chopsticks
You are either for chopsticks or you are against them.
thumbwax, Oct 14 2001


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