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Cyrano date mgr.

Managed service to warm-up potential online dates
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Online dating is very time consuming. People need to find people who match their ideal profile, contact them through the web, chat with them for a few hours, send emails back and forth, and then maybe you finally get to meet them in person. If this is successful then there may be five to ten people that any person is dating sending emails back and forth, calling to schedule dates, and actually going out in person.

There simply is not enough time in the day for a normal person to manage all of this unless they are dedicated to the whole process. The Cyrano dating outsourcing service solves this by providing an outsourced service to handle all of the steps in the dating process that you don't want to handle. The dating outsourcing service will keep records available of all of the potential mates in your pipeline and will make initial contact with them, qualify their interest in you (by impersonating you), increase their interest in you with personalized creative copy that you can approve or disapprove, and they co-ordinate to schedule dates based upon availability in your calendar.

All of this extra work is transparent to your potential dates as you have detailed records of every interaction and you can increase your chances of success in finding that special someone who will make your life complete.

dhousman, Oct 08 2004

Well, someone already implemented the first step. http://www.e-cyrano.com/
[scad mientist, Oct 08 2004]


       (-) What the world of online dating doesn't need is more dishonesy.   

       Sure, this might be useful if your Cyrano could imitate you exactly, but chances are he will present a slightly improved version of you. So after your Cyrano and her Cyrano hit it off, then you meet each other and you're no better off than if you had just read each other's profiles to begin with. It might be even worse than that because your Cyrano may have already done some filtering based on his preferences that don't line up exactly with yours, and her Cyrano may have done the same, making it even less likely that you will meet someone who you actually like.
scad mientist, Oct 08 2004

       To increase your chances of finding your ideal man/woman, spend more time with people. Do not trust important decisions like this to machines capable of losing, say 30,000 odd ideas and five years of conversations.
wagster, Oct 08 2004

       But none of us are bitter about it, eh [wagster]?
vigilante, Oct 09 2004

       I've calmed down a bit, but the annoying facial tics have yet to stop.
wagster, Oct 09 2004

       Let's 1/2bake that...a device to stop facial tics.
vigilante, Oct 10 2004


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