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Dark Side

The first space entertainment complex
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When we finally put hotels and such in space, I propose that a whole entertainment complex be built. Sports bars, dance clubs, movie theaters and miniture golf will all be included in this complex. What will make this first orbiting space complex unique will be the fact that it never gets any sun light. It orbits in the earths shadow so as to keep the party going FOREVER.
Antegrity, Dec 13 2005

Lagrange points - A nice spacious orbit in a quiet residential area http://math.ucr.edu.../baez/lagrange.html
[moomintroll, Dec 13 2005]

The other first space entertainment complex Orbital_20Entertainment_20Complex
Courtesy of [madradish] [Shz, Dec 13 2005]

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       //It orbits in the earths shadow // How?
coprocephalous, Dec 13 2005

       Just make it go backwards, of course.
daseva, Dec 13 2005

       Yay, no microsoft.
skinflaps, Dec 13 2005

       I've heard of this place but I don't think I'll be going - it's supposed to be pretty shady.   

       (To solve your infeasible orbit, build it on the moon.)
Jinbish, Dec 13 2005

       //To solve your infeasible orbit, build it on the moon// But all points on the Moon still get sunlight 14 out of 28 days.

//I've heard of this place but I don't think I'll be going // According to Gary Larson, it is just outside Mayfield, Nebraska.
coprocephalous, Dec 13 2005

       Orbit would work out at L2, I think. Bit of a distance, though. <linky>
moomintroll, Dec 13 2005

       I guess that rules out solar power...
Honduras, Dec 13 2005

       [copro] yes, but the place is full of Curry's and Dixon's managers clutching 5 Year warranties   

       Sounds a little Las Vegas (without, as [Honduras] says, the sunshine) - I guess Elvis is already there, so why not?
Dub, Dec 13 2005

       <obligatory Douglas Adams reference>   

       Let's hope nobody sprains their wrist if they bump into this
DesertFox, Dec 13 2005

       Geo-stationary satelites do this. The complex would just be a whole lot larger.
Antegrity, Apr 05 2006


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