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Dating / Sex EKG

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Literally!
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Small and portable EKG (ElektroKardioGraf) with LCD display to strap to one's arm so everyone can see how your tickers is doing. Would also reveal heart beating faster, indicating excitement or nervousness, etc.

Could also be used to see if you are actually turning on your partner in bed, or if they're faking it...

Of course, no one would want to wear one, which is why it should be made a mandatory bio-implant at birth.

Alternate use could be monitoring your health, blood sugar, T-cell count, etc. by combining it with radio- or ESP bonded nano technology.


placebo, Aug 16 2000

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       I think I would prefer to keep this sort of information private. I can see the use for something like this if the indications could be relayed to yourself only. Sort of like a reminder that you are getting excited and should calm down.   

       Letting other people know that you are nervous does not give you any sort of 'advantage'.   

       And unless you can measure someone without their knowledge, I suspect most 'faking' partners will find some excuse not to be measured.
blahginger, Aug 16 2000

       I want one for everyone else but me.
Caroline Rose, Aug 17 2000

       ginger: like I said, no one would want to wear one, so it should be mandatory. It's not like you have a say in it. Just try to imagine the implications this would have on society as we know it today. We'd have to completely rethink our social structure... Everyone would know when you're hung over, when you're lying, etc. We'd either end up with some people with increddible self control, or a bunch of paranoid loons. Either way, it's gonna be great fun!   

placebo, Aug 17 2000

       No,...cause it wont happen....
tazguynn64, Dec 12 2000

       But we ARE born with one of these!! Pupils that dilate, hungry or annoyed looks, body language, vaginal lubrication, erections, heavy breathing, quickening pulse rates and many, many more!!!! Maybe we should develop our skills at reading the monitoring devices we ARE equipped with instead of trying to create new ones. I'd also guess that more problems stem from what people decide to DO with the signals recieved, than from actual mis-or non-interpretation of them in the first place...
xex, Dec 12 2000

       There are already small, portable devices that give you feedback on your heart rate.
mrthingy, Jan 12 2002


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