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Day Before You Man

He's Probably Done This Already, Hasn't He?
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Come up with a genius time-saving strategy for the office, but the person in the next cubicle told your boss last week? Missed out on a prize on the radio phone-in because you were just beaten to the phone? Had your brilliant halfbakery idea MFD'd as redundant because someone else just posted the exact same thing? You are a victim of 'Day Before You Man'.

This nefarious villain can disguise himself as people you know and trust, or even inanimate objects in order to usurp your best thoughts ideas, plans and thoughts and take advantage of them for his own benefit. If you've ever thought "Hey, I thought I was the first person to think of that", you are undoubtedly an unwitting victim of the Day Before You Guy.

The only way to thwart him (or even her, details are sketchy), is to implement all your ideas, as soon as they come to you. Of course, this would mean an end to all procrastination, and as my presence here suggests, that isn't something that I for one, am able to do. You could also never mention the idea until you are ready to fully present it. Unfortunately, it's suspected that they Day Before You Man can read minds. Be on the lookout for this dangerous rogue.

(Admins, or anyone for that matter, if you think that this would be better suited in one of the culture:suprehero categories, just say so and I'll move it. We could really do with a decent supervillain category).

hidden truths, Sep 13 2006


       ...crap, he's on ta me.   

       > We could really do with a decent supervillain category
A bit of a contradiction in terms, but - done.
jutta, Sep 13 2006

       +++ Because we know him/her, we have a joke at my house and we always say, "Oh, I did that 20 years ago." (with an ostentatious accent of course)
xandram, Sep 13 2006

       21 years ago, I had a t-shirt that said the same thing. ;)
zen_tom, Sep 13 2006

       Didn't someone post this same exact idea two days ago?
phundug, Sep 13 2006

       Luckily my ideas are so bad NOBODY else is gonna cook em up.
etherman, Sep 13 2006

       thanks [zen][phun] and [Ian] for the chuckles. I knew someone would call me out on that accent thing...haha   

       and thanks to [jutta] for a new category
xandram, Sep 13 2006

       He gets help from the NAVY? How the heck do the seas still have secrets and crime then? And, more importantly, how hasn't he been thrown in jail? Why didn't he already post this? Why am I writing all these questions? Because of the link, of course (or maybe not?) Okay, that's getting annoying. Still though, why is a supervillian joining forces with the Navy often? (see [boysparks] link).
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 13 2007


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