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The Melanoma

Striking fear in those of us who have enough sense to use Sunscreen.
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I sort of picture The Melanoma as a supervillian rather than a superhero. Years of poor skin care has left him (or her) a leathery visage whose body is covered with moles, blemishes, pustules and other skin conditions too horrible to mention. Unfortunately, for the public at large, The Melanoma perpetrates all of their dastardly deeds in the nude.
dgeiser13, May 23 2001


       Mephista, your annotation made me realize something startling: Supervillains almost never have trusty sidekicks, but superheroes often do. Why is that? Do we need a National Supervillain Sidekick Board to advertise (as in "Got Milk") and promote awareness of this pressing need?
beauxeault, May 24 2001

       What about Dr. Evil and Mini-Me? And I think The Claw's cat was more of a sympathizer and source of comfort than a sidekick (did it actually ever do anything? I forget?)
nick_n_uit, May 24 2001

       No sidekicks. That's why we have...   

       The Henchman.   

       As for a national supervillian... hmmmm.. maybe Al Gore?
RayfordSteele, Jan 01 2002


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