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Kaiju Dave Thomas

When good moguls go bad!
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1. Exhume Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's and noted ex-philanthropist.

2. Expose his corpse to radiation, foul necromantic magic, and the solo albums of three former members of Menudo.

3. Make him wear a toga, and spray perfume in his eyes.

4. Unleash in Tokyo.

If I'm right (and Toho never lies), we'll soon have mecha, genetically engineered soldiers, superlasers that freeze stuff, and have exposed an alien plot to take over the world.

Almafeta, Dec 16 2003

Dave Thomas https://en.wikipedi...homas_(businessman)
KFC, Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips, Wendy's - mass murder in a to go box. [a1, Dec 16 2023]


hippo, Dec 16 2023

       Your ignorance of 1990s Puerto Rican boy bands is disappointing, [hippo]. (Mind you, so is mine)
pertinax, Dec 16 2023

       My complete ignorance on this subject does not disappoint me!
pocmloc, Dec 16 2023

       [+] I can see the irony of Dave Thomas - big cuddly dad type advertising figure and also merchant of death fast food purveyor - as a giant monster.
a1, Dec 16 2023

       [pert] a shameful lacuna in my knowledge which I must rectify
hippo, Dec 17 2023

       Once you're caught up with that, let me introduce you to Melchett Doma - Stephen Fry performing Belarussian post-punk through a big waxed moustache.
pertinax, Dec 18 2023


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