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Super Villains

Evil incarnate stalking the Earth!
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Now this may sound like a bad idea at first but the prompt arrival of some dark and sinister being bent on world domination would of course encourage the evolution of a super hero (where as the prompt arrival of a super hero would not necessarily encourage super villainy). Wouldn't that make the world a better place?

Assuming of course that deep down in side, people don't want to be evil.....

davros42, Sep 19 2000

So you've decided to be evil... http://members.trip...mrpuzuzu/index.html
A how-to guide for evildoers [davros42, Sep 19 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

And rules for once you've become an Evil Overlord. http://humour.nu/joke21.htm
'Include on your council a 5 year old child. Any plot that he can see through will be scrapped.' [StarChaser, Sep 19 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

This idea was the subject of a recent movie... http://www.aint-it-...display.cgi?id=7533
Spoiler Alert! If you don't already know the movie, don't click this link! [dgeiser13, Sep 19 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

original? http://www.villains.co.uk
this was where i first saw it - look in articles [chud, Feb 02 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I've been just itching for the slightest exuse to post that link, davros, and ya beat me to it! Curses! Foiled again!
Scott_D, Sep 19 2000

       While I agree with the idea, the only disquiet I have is with the word 'evolution', as this implies time. By the time a super hero has 'evolved' the super villain would have achieved his goal.
Alcin, Sep 20 2000

       well, Alcin...   

       You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs
davros42, Sep 20 2000

       Right right right, yes, I'm with you now. What we need to do is genetically mutate some ova to create an instant super hero. But why didn't you simply say so...
Alcin, Sep 25 2000

       There is no need for us to mutate any ovae, (is that right?) or to wait for evolution to supply a superhero: Superman was an alien who landed on earth, spiderman got bitten by some sort of radioactive spider, batman... well i can't exactly remember what happened to batman other than his parents were killed when young, before which I believe he was just a normal kid. Anyway, my point is that producing a superhero is not a time consuming business; all we have to do is wait for one to "appear" either from outer space or for some freak accident/life changing event to happen to some otherwise normal person and hey presto, a new superhero is born. As for the for the suggestion that the arrival of a superhero wouldn't necessarily encourage some kind of nemesis i think that is just untrue. The exciting adventures of _____man wouldn't be quite so exciting if he was just battling ordinary petty criminals. All superhero's have had some kind of supervillian, eg superman-lex luther, batman-the joker, penguin, riddler etc... I guess we have just been lucky that so far whenever superbadies emerge, so do supergoodies.... Nothing wrong with this - it would make the news more exciting.....
will, Sep 25 2000

       One ovum, two ova, red ovum, blue ova.   

       What could a supervillain do nowadays that we aren't (to some degree) doing to ourselves? "Using a heat ray that I call a 'laser,' I will burn a hole in what is known as the 'ozone layer'..."
centauri, Sep 25 2000

       you know if you really think about it.. would the superheros like visit schools like the cops do? Would you just one day be on the street and look up and see one flying overhead... I think that would be ultra cool.. Just imagine the news when they showed the latest plot of the evil villin
batgirl, Nov 17 2000

       The only problem with Davros' suggestion is that in true comic book fashion the supervillain appears due to the sudden creation of a superhero as a force for Good, not the other way around.   

       Will has the right idea, but we can take this thing farther. Since we owe the genesis of many of our favorite heroes to freak accidents (Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Flash, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) or deliberate experimentation (Captain America, Wolverine), clearly what we need to do is take the world's schoolchildren and expose them all to radioactive substances we barely understand ourselves. I suggest America's Head Start program as a pilot project. An added bonus is that we don't even need to alter the pizza much - just leave it in the microwave 20 seconds longer.   

       Soon we will have our superpowered heroes running around, and as an added benefit, colorful oddly-costumed villains to hate and fear. Besides Dennis Rodman, I mean.
shkspr, Dec 07 2000

       Dunno. Does David Beckham count?
Uncle Nutsy, Dec 07 2000

       baked. haven't we had lots of evil super villains? (hitler, etc.) none of them brought about the appearance of a superhero...
Muadib, Dec 12 2000

       I think that everyone here is just looking for an excuse to whack the underpants on the outside and wear tights and a bedsheet.   

       Not that I have a problem with that *adjusts external boxers* ...
Detly, Dec 14 2000

       Well, when the 'Cats' fellow from the Zero Wing phenomenon comes to earth demanding we turn over the ownership of all our base, PeterSealy and his spelling powers will protect us.   

       PeterZigSealy will move so much zig-spell power at Cats' poor Engrish that he'll think someone set up him the bomb. Of course, the Grammarian will team up with Peter for great justice.
Wes, Mar 05 2001

       nahh just get the fighting stick-men to beat them up
chud, Feb 02 2002


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