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Deathwatch Guidebook

Challenging, enlightening, and stimulating workbook for hangers-on to keep busy while the life of their loved one hangs in the balance.
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I mean, there are activity books for to keep kids busy on long drives. There are books and interactive diversions for the young and pre-teens who are facing a difficult bout of illness or another type of life's upheaval.

For all I know there are activities to keep the condemned's mind clear on death row. Would it not be swell to have something to do to help crystallize the experience of waiting on word of improvement in a loved one's condition? Something a bit more pointed than a crossword of the six letter word for "won an oscar" type.

[Thx ¯xrayTed: duly noted and title change up. --high praise]

reensure, Mar 27 2002

¯R_T: I don't feel like Nintendo http://www.geocitie...ct/sw_hologram.html
I might feel like this. [reensure, Mar 27 2002]


A1)_____ family
A4)"__" what's that smell?
A5) pronounces A6
A6) _____ row
A7) Switch is __
A8) If he escaped, he'd be _______ at first
A9) Colo(u)r of blood
D1) he is a ________
D2) DNA lifted from _____ on dress
D3) 4 letter exclamation on receipt of pain - nonoffensive
D4) Waiting for governor to call, and phone to ____
D5) I'll be "______"
D7) You only live ____ (Not 007)
m a n s o n 
u   p u  
r  d o c t o r
d e a t h  i
e  m  o n
r u n n i n g
e  e   c 
r e d   e 
thumbwax, Mar 27 2002

       Jailhouse Mad Libs!   

       "So why'd I kill that (__person or animal__)? Easy. (__pronoun__) went and stole my (__noun__) when I was eating that (__term for excrement__) they call food. This was the last (__noun__) for me; that (__expletive, adverb__) (__expletive, noun__) was up in my business (__number__) times too many ..."   

       I can't think of a death-row prisoner or relative who couldn't use a fun little exercise on parts of speech. Big (__expletive, adjective__) croissant from me, reensure!
1percent, Mar 27 2002

       Solace, ¯PeterSealy.

What do you like most about yourself?

I hope you've found yourself among friends for the relief that camaraderie offers.
If this isn't possible, I hope you find yourself strong in your faith.

When counting sheep the lamb jumping the fence before you wake up is named _______?

I find it unique to meet any significant number of people unable to tolerate what would normally pass for entertainment.
Whether this is due to a knowledge deficit or to insight is of compelling interest to me.

Someone who won't feel when a weight is lifted from your shoulders?

There come times in life wherein there are uncalled for demands placed on the very innocents we'd most like to protect.
At length, our experience teaches that planning for the unforseen fits us to meet unimaginable challenges, and we will be served to exercise honesty and drill in its practice; to act someday honestly and unapologetically.

you, if the weight is 4 pounds of heart.
reensure, Mar 27 2002

       Thank you, Mephista.

       [reensure]: perhaps death, being the most mysterious of mysteries, should not be diverted from our thoughts; rather we should listen to its message. Perhaps a better title for this idea would be "Deathwatch Scrapbook", where each of us, through the years, compiles a 'curriculum vitae' consisting of photos, poetry, CD's of favorite music, personal writings, etc., for our loved ones to peruse during our time of ultimate distress. This is the way we celebrate coming into this world, why not the going out as well?

       Big fat fishbone (for PeterSealy: sorry).
xrayTed, Mar 27 2002

       add my fishbone, my enduring memory, seconds after a loss was fleeing in tears in a state of unconsolable self pity. more backbone in that bloody fish.
po, Mar 27 2002

       I'm whipped, ¯blissmiss -- a link or two would be helpful. I'll hack my way off site.
reensure, Mar 27 2002


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