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Different shape steering wheels

mold them into the shape of your hands or just turn them into the shape of a heart or a star?
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For any type of car, these handy steering wheels mold to the shape of your palms and fingers! Just take it out of the box, heat in a pan of hot water, and then just let it cool into the shape desire and then just let it dry and then fix it to the car!It quick, it's easy, it's fast. It is the way forward to comfier driving.
flexi lexi, Jul 10 2006

here are some other shapes.... http://www.horsepow...rior/Steering_Wheel
scroll down half way [xandram, Jul 10 2006]


       how would you affix the important bits? you know, like the panel that opens for the airbag? also, how would this hold up to normal use? this sounds like an easily malleable plastic, which means it probably won't stay together under the strain of driving.
tcarson, Jul 10 2006

       This idea is physco.
daseva, Jul 10 2006

       Differ Net shapes? You mean to say the wheel should differ from a net?   

       In my car, at least, the steering control is a circular wheel with two spokes to it.
neelandan, Jul 10 2006

       And on the first hot day you would come back to find you steering wheel melted on to the floor of the car.   

       A more key note is that the shape of the wheel is round so that it will not bang into your hands as you spin it around. Aircraft use yokes because they only have to be turned 90 degrees right or left. Automobile wheels often turn 360 degrees in each direction.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 10 2006

       The best bit is that a circular wheel, if left in a hot car, will sag into something approximating the shape of a croissant! Yay!   

       ... and that's why you should always leave your window slightly open if you're going to leave your steering wheel alone in the car for any length of time.
moomintroll, Jul 20 2006


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