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Thermochromic Steering Wheel

The commuter's mood ring
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Coat or cover an automobile's steering wheel with a thermochromic material. It might give the driver advance warning about when they are susceptible to road rage.

Of course this steering wheel will also provide an externally visible indicator of the temperature inside the car, a reminder never to leave your kids or pets in the car with the windows up during warm or hot seasons.

swimswim, Oct 13 2023


       [swimswim] So we imagine mood swings with irate motorists? The only problem is that it requires an angry driver to self-regulate his rage. Why not cut to the chase and monitor heart rate, perspiration, and respiration and if the limit was reached set off a rotating red warning light on the roof for other motorists? The driver himself will experience an escalating series of corrections, starting with limits on the accellerator pedal and culminating in a mist of propofol to ensure placidity. Keep it out of the hands of the perpetrator.
minoradjustments, Oct 16 2023

       Good idea, [minoradjustments]. There should be variations to suit customers of all purchasing power. That one sounds like the pricier end of the product spectrum. But maybe insurance companies would offer a discount on premiums to anyone using it in order to make it more affordable.
swimswim, Oct 21 2023

       I expect that the top-of-the-range Mercedes already have something like this, via probably non-contact sensors to diagnose your pent-up frustration. They will soon also be able to predict "Your piles are about to get itchy, would you like me to apply the Anusol for you now?
bhumphrys, Oct 21 2023


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