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Steering Wheel Lyre

Put strings in the gappy bits
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There once was a traveller
And very bold was he,
Driving in his car
Over all the country.
As he drove he decided
That he would sing a song,
But there was nothing on the radio
For him to sing along.

There once was a traveller
A really lovely fella,
But he was no good
At singing a capella.
As he drove he decided
That the perfect complement,
Would be a lyre fixed to his steering wheel
To play accompaniment.

There once was a traveller
Far and wide did he rove,
Plucking on his lyre
And singing as he drove.
As he drove he decided
That onward he would roam,
And compose songs 'bout his wanderings
For when he journeyed home.

-alx, Jul 26 2004


       Plucking a lyre
isn't hard.
(signed) Last name: Simpson,
First name: Bard
phoenix, Jul 26 2004

       To pluck a Lyre
while you're driving
can cause quite a distraction.
Vehicular mayhem then insues
resulting in class action
lawsuits filed 'gainst the driver
of a car whose steering wheel's a lyre.

       So if you are not lucky
and the wreckage makes a pyre
then you know the tabloid's headline reads
Lyre Lyre, pants on fyre.

       "Oy, Quit tailgating me! You wanna know who yer dealing wiv, know what I mean. Cross me and yer could find yerself playing a harp. Eh? - 'ang on, you already are!"
hippo, Jul 26 2004

       This mobile lyre would be a boon,
And help to keep your car in tune!
robinism, Jul 26 2004

       Aside from the fact that the gappy bits are where my thumbs usually go, and forgetting about the veg-o-matic-like aspects of this for a moment, +.   

       Would it be amplified and played on loudspeakers perched atop the car?
half, Jul 26 2004

       [half], if you'll just put down that stapler for a minute, you'll find plenty of room for your thumbs.
robinism, Jul 27 2004

       I never staple and drive any more. Not since the accident.
half, Jul 27 2004

       No, they play really crappy music, really, really loudly to attract children. I can tell you that the "Popeye the Sailor Man" tune gets old. Fast.   

       "Ice cream is not a staple", speak for yourself.
half, Jul 27 2004

       My father used to wrap rubber bands around his steering wheel for just this purpose.
Ranger Gord, Jul 27 2004

       What an excellent idea! There are several days when I manage to get to work without being run over by people managing to fit in some driving whilst: talking on their mobile phones; eating their breakfasts; telling off the kids in the back; putting on make up; shaving, etc.   

       This novel invention would give them one more chance of cleaning up the roads
ivanhoe, Jul 27 2004

       Safer than a guitar! Bread.
wagster, Jul 27 2004


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