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white steering wheel

Why are they black anyway?
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Summer has been and gone in the short time I was cut off from the net.

And me driving to a place where I could not park in the shade, every day for three weeks. The ride back was nigh on impossible because the steering wheel was like a red hot poker. So I thought: if it were white it would not be half as warm.

zeno, Aug 08 2005

high tech heated_20steering_2...20and_20gear_20knob
[zeno, Aug 08 2005]

and another high tech Steering_20Wheel_20Cooler
Guess I should have looked before I posted but I like to keep it simple [zeno, Aug 08 2005]

White steering wheel http://www.fedora.n...steering_wheel.html
Well used [half, Aug 08 2005]

Meanwhile, back in the current century... http://www.wheelski...ginal_wheelskin.php
These guys make a nice steering wheel cover in white leather [half, Aug 08 2005]

Styling Rings http://www.grantpro...m/stylingrings.html
A cover in any flavor, including plain vanilla. [moPuddin, Aug 15 2005]

White? You want white? http://www.autotruc..._white_ring_225.jpg
[ldischler, Sep 09 2005]


       Whatabouta fishbowl steering wheel. Ehh?   

       Or a lavalamp, crap, custard one, ehh? Wouldn't that be something?
daseva, Aug 08 2005

       Pity the first annotation was deleted and I can't remember who posted it.   

       [Daseva], are you being an ass because you hate this idea or are you not? I can't make it out.
zeno, Aug 08 2005

       [zeno], I don't hate anything. Except people who hate. I hate them bastards! This much we know.   

       But, the idea is a little redundant, and I was messin' around a little bit, and I really do think a fishbowl steering wheel would be great, and a white steering wheel is an esentially good idea, so, I guess my previous statements contained all of that, and resultantly, you're left slightly confused. I'm sorry for that. Hopefully, however, you'll interprete more intentionally diverse statements from me in the future, as I of you, for they offer the most unbiased accounts of one's state of mind at one place and time.
daseva, Aug 08 2005

       Thanks [daseva], I will. There was a certain warmth in that last annotation I will not soon forget.
zeno, Aug 08 2005

       [zeno] that was me, I said it might look slightly townie-ish and then realised it wouldn't.
pooduck, Aug 08 2005

       yes. good!
po, Aug 08 2005

       Get white if it suites your taste but dont expect it to be any cooler than a black steering wheel. Darker colors heat up faster but cool down faster. Lighter colors take longer to heat up and longer to cool down. May be good for short exposures but something prolonged, the white will be just as hot as the black.
Antegrity, Aug 09 2005

       or if you want to keep the steering wheel cool, maybe have a pipe of constant cold water running through it. You could maybe have a little water cooler directly below the steering wheel- neatly tucked away so it doesnt get tangled with your legs, and have it sending a flow on constant cool water through the steering wheel, thus keeping it nice and comfy to ride! Could become especially handy when driving for a prolonged period. If you sent ur car to Pimp my Ride, they could probably do it for you!!! haha
chocolateraindrops, Aug 09 2005

       Could also be a handy way of identifying yourself as a blind driver.
Mr M, Aug 09 2005

       It would look pretty yucky pretty quickly, though.
squeak, Aug 09 2005

       [Antegrity] I think you are mistaken. I re-upholstered the seats of my boat in white for just this reason and they do not get hot from exposure to the sun.   

       Boat? [2 fries] has a boat! i wanna ride.   

       ahem... anyway, [zeno] you've been away this long while, and all you could come up with was a white steering wheel? Put Susan on and you go back and play with the kids.
dentworth, Aug 09 2005

       Thank you [dentworth], not. You have just made a friend in this household.
zeno, Aug 09 2005

       There is indeed a solution to the problem at hand. You could have a white steering wheel, but a lot of guys out there(including me) wont be too pleased with the fact that everyone will assume the car is driven by a woman. Sorry just somethin about white thats kinda gurly. Also, just like white shoes, you would have to make sure it didnt get dirty cause it would be more visible. I think the best way to solve this problem is by having a steering wheel cover with an inner tube filled with a coolant gel(much like the technology used in lunchboxes and such) that is placed in the freezer while not in use and easily reapplied to the steering wheel when preparing for a long drive on a hot summer day. It wont be freezing to the touch, but it would keep the wheel from getting too hot. And there ya go! You don't have to change the color of your steering wheel.
ChrispyChreme, Aug 09 2005

       oh CC, you could quite easily have butch oily finger marks all over it.
po, Aug 09 2005

       upscale cars - bentleys, rolls, etc have wooden steering wheels.
elfling, Aug 09 2005

       It would match your white dipstick, at least, even if it doesn't work.
oxen crossing, Aug 14 2005

       My grandmother once bought a new (1970) Ford, with all white interior. It smelled funny, but it was cooler in the summer. However, the seats DID get hot if left in the sun with the windows up. The steering wheel was black for some odd reason, though. I have seen recent aftermarket wheels in white, but can't find a link. And more covers in colors, including white. (link)
moPuddin, Aug 15 2005

       Chrome steering wheel?
david_scothern, Aug 15 2005

       Throw in some white safety belts as well. They are far more painfull on my shoulder.
Susan, Sep 09 2005

       Thanks but I am not mistaken.
Antegrity, Sep 10 2005

       Yes, you are. Search: steady state heat transfer.   

       Particularly, heat exchangers. All half bakers should be well aware of the essential elements of a heat exchanger.
daseva, Sep 10 2005


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