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Steering wheel grip tape

For safer leg driving.
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Often, one finds ones self steering with the top of the thigh - sometimes because hands are occupied with coffee and cell phone, sometimes just because. The problem is that the top of the thigh has little grip and so its purchase on the wheel can be tenuous.

I propose that grip tape be added to the bottom of steering wheels to facilitate thigh driving. An additional patch at the top might help with chin driving as well.

bungston, May 11 2007


       though they could be tremendous problem during normal hand driving, tending to catch your hand and not let the wheel slide through after a turn. Still not a bad idea though.
jhomrighaus, May 11 2007

       "because hands are occupied with coffee and cell phone" ?!   

       [Makes note in diary to stay at least two counties away from bungston at all times.]
DrCurry, May 11 2007

       Legal in some states to have a knob on the wheel, but kind of outmoded since power steering.   

       But as somebody who has gotten good at driving with either foot and his knees, I like this.   

       This makes me sound scary, but it's really just a form of C20 evolution. In a few centuries we'll have knuckles on the tops of our thighs.
normzone, May 11 2007

       /two counties /   

       Once I get the grip tape, you can cut that back to just 1 county.
bungston, May 11 2007

       maybe a Velcro strap attached to a grippy rubber pad you could wrap around your leg in the correct position. That way its portable and does not impair other drivers of the same car.
jhomrighaus, May 11 2007

       Does the tape grip because of stickiness to the leg? Or is the tape gripy, kind of like rubber?   

       I don't like the idea if it sticks to your leg. And it would soon become covered with fibers and dust and would not be sticky anymore an so it would need to be replaced.   

       I'd rather have a steering wheel cover with bumps around it, about thigh width apart.   

       It is difficult for me to "leg drive" because I am so thin, I have to lift my leg up a couple of inches for it to even touch the steering wheel.
BJS, May 11 2007


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