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Wheely Great Whiteboard

Never forget OR The incredible obscenity device
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Often, I forget things. So, I make reminders but then forget about those too!


Implant a sort electronic notepad (The kind the Fed Ex man makes you sign) into the stearing wheel. On this , you write your task "Pick up the kids" or "Buy Phil Collins tapes" . I always look at the wheel at least once during my drive, if only when I get the keys out.

On top of this, you could have some sort of text to voice, which could become your new horn. Did someone forget to signal and therefore endanger your life?! Just write "Hey, next time flick your stick when you turn!". Did someone just ask where you can feel something tonight? Just write "I can feel it in the air tonight" then push your horn, and voila! A cheesy, albeit hilarious robotic voice will make your message heard.

Night, Apr 13 2007




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