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Steering Wheel Trim

- Add trim to the wheel
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When you hit a pothole or run-up on a curb you sometimes put your wheels out of alignment, and then until you get the money, time, and effort together to have wheel alignment, you have to drive with one hand constantly applying pressure to the wheel to stay in the center of the road. Why not put a small trim button on the steering wheel (like they have in aircraft) to correct for this?
digitalwarrior03, Mar 19 2006


       My truck so needs this.   

       Why not indeed.
methinksnot, Mar 19 2006

       If I have this I will never get an alignment ever again.
Jscotty, Mar 19 2006

       its not the steering wheel that is out of alighnment its the wheels. Adding a trim button does nothing for the problem at all. You will still ruin your tires and you will still need to apply offseting presure to keep the cr straight. This will also encourage people not to get the problem fixed creating a dangerous situation. Not a good idea at all! (-)
jhomrighaus, Mar 19 2006

       If a car has a slight pull to the side most drivers will live with it until the car's next service, at which point they may ask the garage to balance the wheels. This gives the driver a way to increase their level of comfort and a mechanic to estimete the severity of the problem. ("I saw that you had your steering wheel trimmed at -2°. Would you like me to balance the wheels?")
st3f, Mar 19 2006

       Except now they will forget about it all together.   

       Also any mechanic would know in a second that the vehicle was out of alignment just by looking at the wheel. The same logic that applys to painting spare wheels orange applies here.
jhomrighaus, Mar 19 2006


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