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No more: "Oy! Come back with that, scoundrel!"
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The glassies at my local are almost too conscientious for their own good. The number of times I've turned my back on an almost-finished schooner, only to turn back and find it disappearing at the top of a stack of dirty glasses, well... *sigh*.

The DregScale is a coaster-sized digital scale, with a bright red led display and absorbent facing. Simply 'zero' it with an empty glass, place your tasty beverage on it as you would a standard coaster, and it fills your beverage of choice with bright red light. The overzealous glassy knows that while the glass shines red, you've still got a mouthful left.

When you've finished your drink (and I mean FINISHED, with not a drop left to swill the vile nicotine taste from your mouth), the display turns green, and your friendly local pub employee knows it's time to collect.

m_Al_com, Aug 05 2006


       I've had an entire shot of (rather expensive) whiskey in a tumbler stolen from my immediate vicinity without my knowledge in a pub, because it looked like the discarded dregs of a Southern Comfort and lemonade, which made me extremely angry as the house would not replace it and for which I never forgave that frightened Polish barmaid.   

       This doesn't even have to be automated, coasters with LEDs would do the trick, though that's not very bakery.
theleopard, Jan 24 2007

       You're right, of course, [theleopard]. LEDs, or even a double-sided coaster, one side red, one side green, would do the trick.   

       But, this being the HB, if I took out the automation, I'd have to add hamster-power or dancing mice or somesuch.   

       As for the whiskey: I feel your pain.
m_Al_com, Jan 24 2007


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