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Eureka Bath Plug

ballast plug for skinny minnies who want to save water
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Eureka Bath Plug is a large rock, made out of granite, basalt or some other suitably dense material. It is suspended on a chain and pulley system above one end of the bath, meaning that it can be easily lowered into the water or hoisted well clear.

There is a wide range of choice in material, size, colour and shape to suit each individual taste and tub dimensions.

The rationale and consequent effect of lowering the Eureka Bath Plug is to save water when a smaller individual is taking a bath, and wants to be well covered by water.

Naturally this idea combines well with "Two Bath Plugs" when it comes to emptying time.

xenzag, Jan 12 2012


       (+) Guilty.
Need it.

       I'll take a marble bath-plug, carved into a life-size representation of a suitably attractive bath companion.
hippo, Jan 12 2012

       Make mine out of pumice.
normzone, Jan 12 2012

       // suitably attractive bath companion. //   

       It should be carved in the form of an unclad Greek philosopher, shirley ?
8th of 7, Jan 12 2012

       You could always just wear the tub like a giant water bottle. I think there's an idea like that around here somewhere...
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2012

       Maybe those skinnier people just need a skinnier tub.
Vernon, Jan 13 2012

       Don't know if pumice would work?
xenzag, Jan 13 2012

       //Don't know if pumice would work?// Should do - as long as you can immerse a known volume into the water, the density (as long as it's > water which is around 1000 kb/m^3, otherwise it'd float and need extra mechanism to push into the water) is immaterial - which is precisely what made Archimedes say Eureka in the first place! After all, the density of Archimedes himself was probably around 1000 kg/m^3 - something he could determine by
i) weighing himself
ii) immersing himself in water and measuring the amount displaced to find his volume
iii) dividing his weight by his volume to find his density

       Having found a reliable means of determining the density of any object, he would then be able to figure out whether the king's crown was real (i.e. had the same density as gold) or fake (had some other density suggesting it was made of some cheaper alloy)   

       At the time, there was no way of reliably and accurately figuring out the volume of an irregular shape (and it needed to remain irregular since melting the crown down and reshaping it into something convenient, like a cube, would have been unhelpful) - hence all the excitement.
zen_tom, Jan 13 2012

       It's just that I always assumed pumice would be absorbent.
xenzag, Jan 13 2012

       Ahh I see - like a sponge - not sure, I'll check next time I'm in the bath!
zen_tom, Jan 13 2012

       Yes, but you'd be ill advised to mix bathwaters: "Don't cross the streams" as it were.
FlyingToaster, Jan 13 2012

       Well done, [FT] you place in Hell is now definitively reserved ...
8th of 7, Jan 13 2012

       That's right. They serve to keep the Urine Falling From A Great Height from impinging on those ranked below.   

       And There Was Much Rejoicing.
8th of 7, Jan 13 2012

       //Urine Falling From A Great Height// Enviable. For most, it's feces. At some times, rolling downhill, at others splattering horizontally after hitting the fan.
mouseposture, Jan 13 2012


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