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Exploding Anger Doll

Vent frustrations while blowing stuff up
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All I really want right now is a lifesize doll that will blow up when I punch it. I've seen inflatable clown things that pop back up when you hit them, and punching bags, but those are no good. You hit it, it's still there. Where did your anger go? It's right there in front of you, PISSING YOU OFF AGAIN. When you hit an exploding doll, it goes away and everyone's happy.
AfroAssault, Aug 18 2001

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       This would be great (well, as long as the explosion wasn't powerful enough to blow your arm off). A big flash, a bang, and lots of white smoke--no more Anger Doll!
Dog Ed, Aug 18 2001

       You would want something with a tuneable tolerance to your pummelling. You can punch it around, maybe even let it win a bit, but in the end it explodes in a puff of harmless flour.   

       Say, AfroAssault, have you tried playing the drums? Percussion got me through much teen-angst in my formative years. I still play every once in a while when things dont go too right. You get to hit things really hard and its considered skill, nay art! Although sticks snapping and skins breaking is not as fun as exploding stuff, the knowledge that you are pissing off your neighbours can also be comforting in your momentary rage.
sdm, Aug 18 2001

       Or perhaps rent out exploding cars if you perchance work at a rental car place.
thumbwax, Aug 18 2001

       my teenage brother goes around hitting things,it is annoying
technobadger, Aug 18 2001

       <cheesy Freudianism> Mephista, one (being male) might be tempted to equate your quite accurate observation about men and conflagrations/explosions with something sexual. I bet it was a man who came up with the euphemism 'to bang', huh? </cheesy Freudianism>
Dog Ed, Aug 18 2001

       I used to blow things up until I and four friends almost caught ourselves in the detonation of 2 kg (4.4 lb) of homemade plastic explosive.
Toreadorothy, Aug 18 2001

       Mephista: Yeah, actually I had to set the thought off as cheesy Freudianism because I mistrust it too. Well, I dunno then. I like explosive stuff, and homemade cannons, and rockets--maybe it's a semi-instinctive holdover from hunter-gatherer days: "Wow! Now *that's* powerful! I bet it would knock a ground sloth right into the next county!"
Dog Ed, Aug 18 2001

       People seem to like doing things that have dramatic effects. Explosions are one example of this, constructions are another.   

       Admittedly this doesn't explain *why* people like these things, but I find it helps to see bigger patterns in behaviour like this.
-alx, Aug 18 2001

       Mephista- Suicide bomber doll is a REALLY good idea!

sdm-Coincidentally, I DO play drums. Unfortunately, part of my anger comes from the fact that someone's always home trying to sleep or watch tv or do something to prevent me from doing so.

Big Daddy thumbwax- Once again, coincidentally (unless you've been paying sharp attention to my posts, good guess) I DO work at a rental car place as a mechanic. I could rig explosives! YAAAAYYYY
AfroAssault, Aug 19 2001

       In order to make your exploding doll reusable, how about having replaceable exploding heads. These could be detonated either by a punch or, perhaps, by a needlessly heavy dart-gun (with a loud noise (and extra kick?))? Exploding head then triggers some internal mechanism in doll body which drops to its knees, then falls "face"-forward. Replacing heads would be much cheaper than replacing the full doll, I should think, and I know I'd be satisfied with just blowing the thing's head off. More personal, you know.
Guy Fox, Aug 21 2001

       Not a bad idea, Guy... Perhaps you could get custom heads? That would make a really great prank. Have your friends standing on a busy road holding it up, then you could run up and sock it in the face.
AfroAssault, Aug 22 2001

       This sort of feeling is why I chop firewood to get out my frustrations. Of course, there's not much use for that here in Southern California, but since my dad's too much of a tightwad to actually use the heater at all, it helps with some of my other frustrations as well.
ye_river_xiv, May 06 2007

       + people will need these after the election tonight!
xandram, Nov 04 2008


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