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Fake Body Piercing

Looks pierced!
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Recently I have marveled at piercings. Attractive women pierce their faces. People working jobs servicing the masses wear flesh colored piercings so their hard- won holes do not grow shut while they are on the job. It seems to me that the factor limiting the number and location of piercings is reversability: excepting the hard core fringe, most piercers do not want to do lasting damage or have something which cannot be concealed should the need arise.

Enter the Needle thru the Arm trick. I propose that the next stage in crowd- pleasing piercings can be achieved with glue. Unlike magicians doing the Needle trick, piercers will will take their time and use crazy glue for its relative permanence. By gluing together adjacent folds, areas not previously amenable to piercing can be pierced. The upper lip can be glued under the nose, and the resulting channel used to hold a ring (producing a singular smile in the process!). Eyelids can be folded back and glued to themselves for the Clockwork Orange piercing. Chins can be glued into an artificial cleft. Nostrils can be inverted and ears folded in half, then glued in place to hold beautiful jewelry. As one moves below the neck, the possibilities increase!

bungston, Aug 05 2007

Needle-thru-the-arm trick http://en.wikipedia.../Needle-through-arm
My housemate (a magician) pulled this one on me one day. He did a good job. I totally bought it. I was really horrified. [bungston, Aug 05 2007]

faux-pierce body jewelry http://www.wildwear.com/illusion.html
[nuclear hobo, Aug 05 2007]

Fake Tongue Ring http://www.painfulp...1676&cat=218&page=1
[nuclear hobo, Aug 05 2007]

Fake Body Jewelry http://www.bodyjewe...y_jewellery_835.cfm
[nuclear hobo, Aug 05 2007]


       Good idea, I am for fake tattoos ,fake piercings but real scars. Getting a tattoo or piercing is for wimps. Having a scar has some story behind and often goes deeper than the skin.
Pellepeloton, Aug 05 2007

       I know plenty of folk who have permanently glued their arse to their elbow.... but try telling them - do they listen? They do not.   

       This is an excellent notion, attracting this most tasty croissant (+)   

       Make glueing a punishment for juvenile offenders. Put them on display. Call it The Gluezoo. There - that saves me typing up a whole idea.
xenzag, Aug 05 2007

       Baked. [link]
nuclear hobo, Aug 05 2007


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