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Shirt Pinventory

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New formal shirts sometimes come stuck full of anywhere from 9 to 15 pins to keep them tightly folded up. A customer might appreciate a little piece of paper included with each shirt, containing a line for each pin in the package. As you pull each pin out of your newly purchased shirt, you poke it into the line on the paper. That way you would be better aware of how many pins you have overlooked, and that still remain in the shirt (or, how many pins may have fallen and hidden themselves in your carpet).
swimswim, Nov 23 2009


       Not a large purchaser of formal shirts, but this would be nice on those rare occasions. [+]
gisho, Nov 23 2009

       haha, i get your choice of category. "body: piercing"... one would hope not.
neo_, Nov 24 2009


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