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Internal Body Organ Piercing

Piercing the Body Parts that Show is Exhibitionism, Piercing the Inside is Individualism
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Piercing parts of your body that can be shown to the public is pure expresionism, you want others to see what you think of yourself. Your making a statement not only to yourself but to others.

I think a much more subtle way would be to surgically cut a slit in the skin and put a stud or a ring on your internal organs. Make an internal statement about smoking, put a ring in your lung.

The spleen was once seen as the seat of melancholy, anger or vexation. Put a 5 inch stud throught it and you know that you can conquer your own emotions. When your feeling down or blue, think of that stainless steel bar piercing through that spongy glandular organ and take heart. You are better than that.

StAndrew, Apr 03 2002


       The old 'arrow through the head' gag prop.
entremanure, Apr 03 2002

       The surgeon says to you, sometime in the future, as she is digging around in your body, "I can see from the tri-diamond ring on your spleen that you were quite the partier once."
bristolz, Apr 03 2002

       As long as you don't want to fly on an airplane....
phoenix, Apr 03 2002

       Fashionable stomach staples.
waugsqueke, Apr 03 2002

       You could put a mesh of metal around all your abdominal organs, like reinforced concrete, and you would never need to do sit-ups again. They might need a pneumatic drill to do any surgery on you later though.
This idea is not only dangerous, it's disgusting and pointless. Well, you first, mate.
sappho, Apr 03 2002

       Ah, Gawd, Unabubba, it is a universal truth: one's entire physique spreads and blurs with age...except one's teeth, I guess. Good thing us middle-aged chaps are so much wilier now than we were in our twenties--what we can no longer accomplish through sheer physical exuberance we can now accomplish by cleverness.   

       Or did I just disprove my own hypothesis, there?
Dog Ed, Apr 03 2002

       Lots of wimmenfolk who've adorned themselves will be in Old Folks Homes some day - that should be a hoot
thumbwax, Apr 03 2002

       twit to woo
po, Apr 03 2002

       At that stage of life, [Po], any internal rings could be quite helpful if fitted with organ nets to hold up the internal sag of bladders etc... Charming thought.. oh wait [edit] that's been half baked before... hernia prevention pircings...my mistake. Twit!
Edie, Apr 22 2024

       Hmm...internal rings....sounds like tinnitus Which can also be useful, for tuning out to...
Edie, Apr 22 2024

       Even as your intricate skin illustrations fade, distort, and become illegible as you age, you have the confidence to know that the diamond stud in your left nut is shining brightly. I do not understand. But I like the concept of covert narcissism.
minoradjustments, Apr 22 2024

       I forgot about this idea, so I'm happy I can love it a second time.
Voice, Apr 22 2024

       First time through for me, but seeing [bristolz] and others no longer here is fun - Pierce me!
normzone, Apr 24 2024


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