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ultimate body piercing

...suitably antisocial
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have a skin-graft lined tunnel surgically created through your abdomen (avoiding any vital squidgy bits of course), preferably at an askew angle. when nicely healed (or before, for the impatient) you can put on a prepared shirt or blouse daubed with blood (fake or real, it's up to you) with holes already torn. then carefully insert a javelin-like stick though yourself. you can then nonchalantly walk down the street, seemingly oblivious to the apparent injury you have sustained. bit awkward getting on the bus, but then fashion isn't meant to be practical (i have heard of surgeons who amputate perfectly healthy limbs from people who really really want to be amputees, so this shouldn't be a problem - more or less reversible)
philmckraken, Jun 07 2004

Alexis St Martin's stomach http://www.detnews....2/13/d01-365711.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Ultimate body piercing http://members.aol..../images/KP_hole.jpg
Kung Pow - Enter The Fist....a lovely little movie [normzone, Mar 03 2005]


       Yes it is.
However, I can't help thinking that I've heard of such a thing (hole through torso) before.. possibly on the halfbakery in fact (was rope threaded through the hole?).
benjamin, Jun 07 2004

       hmm checked halfbakery before i posted this, didn't see anything quite the same - though there are 'blood pipes' and 'body windows'; both very cool. could make for an interesting collection.
philmckraken, Jun 07 2004

       mmmmm.....how long before we saw DVDADA porno? (Double Vaginal, Double Anal, Double Abdominal)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 07 2004

       consul hail and well met... and kudos for having the nerve to admit that thought to appear on here
engineer1, Jun 07 2004

       Perhaps the "Silver Ring Thingers" could use an abdominal tube as some kind of emergency virginity protection - "Oh Randy, No. I can't. Randy, I said No! oh well...maybe just in my tummy...."
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 07 2004


       The trailers for Death Becomes Her showed Meryl Steep with a big gunshot hole through her abdomen.
jutta, Jun 07 2004

       A huge brass ring through the gut supports a giant brass chain having successively smaller links leading to a fashionable pocket watch. Yes, quite posh.
booleanfool, Jun 07 2004

       [jutta]: The movie itself also showed Streep with a ridiculously large hole in her gut. It was a generally good time.   

       Side note: It was also one of Bruce Willis's better acting jobs. Highly recommended.
shapu, Mar 03 2005


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