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Muffin Top Multimedia Centre

Navel jewellery with a purpose
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It should be possible to add lots of useful electronic functionality to navel-piercing jewellery:

Flashing lights with understood meanings (Red = Sorry, have the painters in, Green = back your azz up here big boy, Blue = Not even if I was hetero, buster, etc.)

Miniaturised transponder so daddy can head to exactly where you are passed out at 3am.

Data chip readable in emergencies by police and paramedics. Name, home phone, blood type, allergies etc.

Chip-based test for drink spikes, or drug adulteration.

A little midi file of waves rolling in to a beach, so you can get people to put their ears up against it to listen.

ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 01 2005


       Lights with "understood" meanings - How do you get everyone to agree on the understood meanings? Isn't that a [m-f-d] "Let's all...?" Lights otherwise are baked.   

       Hearing the ocean against someone's tummy - nice.   

       The transponder, personal info, and drink tester - not pretty! These go in an evening bag or pocket, not crowning an already muffin-y tummy.
robinism, Feb 01 2005

       euwwww, sorry [Cons]
dentworth, Feb 01 2005

       As the stomach has a brain of its own, this could be a missing link.
mensmaximus, Feb 01 2005

       [dentworth] - not proposing special purpose piercings or mutilation of the currently unmutilated, just making an often ill-considered decision to pierce in the first place have some protectant functionality.   

       [Unabubba] Agree - it should be a Trade Practices offence to sell hipster jeans to any girl over 55 kilos. Where are the Fashion Crime Police when you need them anyway?   

       [robinism] The meanings will quickly become understood through viral marketing and peer knowledge transfer, which is intense in the 13 to 19 target age group. Your other comments accepted, though bags and contents can be lost - the jewellery is in there until its unscrewed.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 02 2005

       //Hearing the ocean against someone's tummy - nice.// borborygmus!
po, Feb 02 2005

       Excellent word, po!
calum, Feb 02 2005

       Someone's been in the mensa magazine again...
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 02 2005

       //Someone's been in the mensa magazine again// It's amazing what they're allowed to wrap chips in!
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 02 2005


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