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Fake Fake Shark

A fake singing shark on the wall
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My old boss came in and showed me this singing shark toy, you know, the ones that when you press the button, the shark starts to sing, and it has motors that makes it flap it's tail and move it's mouth to the music.

I am sure most of us have seen this novelty, but let's pep it up a bit. A co- worker had a great idea: instead of it singing when you press the button (like everybody would expect it to do), make it lunge suddenly for your finger!

This should freak out a couple of bored people. They expect some cheap low bit song and some simple animatronics, but they scream and jump away when it quickly lunges and bites their finger!

It would be a latex shark covering, no harm possible. After trying to bite the offender, it can then call out threats and lecture you about trusting a shark in the first place.

twitch, Nov 23 2006

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       Twitch, I like it! +
Chefboyrbored, Nov 23 2006

       I quite like this one actually. At least partly for the idea of being lectured about trusting a shar.
hidden truths, Nov 23 2006

       [Hidden truths], were you subtley making the allusion that a shark bit off your k-button finger, or was that just a typo?
fridge duck, Nov 23 2006

       Who nows?
hidden truths, Nov 23 2006

       I used to trust shar, but lately I've been using tar and gzip.
jutta, Nov 24 2006

       Ah, file and archiving commands. Where would I be without Google?
normzone, Nov 24 2006

       Neeeat. I gotta have it!   

       P.S: In file archive commands, I prefer bzip2. Takes a while, but final size us worth it.
HalfBaker, Oct 03 2007

       And then the Fake Fake Fake Shark, which actually bites off your finger. [+]
ldischler, Oct 03 2007

       a shark lecture. never had one of those before.
k_sra, Oct 03 2007


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